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Step into the serene and untouched beauty of Molokai, the Friendly Isle, with an enchanting stylized wood or metal map. Combining artistic finesse with a profound sense of tranquility, this extraordinary creation invites you to immerse yourself in the essence of Molokai's unspoiled landscapes through a uniquely captivating design.

Whether displayed as a wall hanging or a cherished centerpiece, this minimalist map of Molokai becomes an invitation to contemplation. Its timeless design effortlessly blends with any interior decor, infusing your space with the island's tranquil spirit.

Stylized Map of the Island of Molokai

  • This vintage-style barrel end sign is embellished with a metal outside ring and 4 studs.

    Available in 2 sizes: 23-inch round and 40-inch round.

    Indoor use only.

    Material: Wooden barrel end with metal outside ring.

    Disclaimer: Maps are intended for decoration only, may contain erroneous information, and may not be used for navigation. All geography changes over time. Lake depths not only change over the years, but season-to-season as well. And ocean depths, of course, change with the tides.

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